2020 OL Amegadjie Has Visits Set

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Kiran Amegadjie

Offensive Tackle
Hinsdale Central
Hinsdale, IL
GPA: 4.77/5.00
Commitment status: Undecided
Twitter: @the2kkiran5
Ht: 6’5″
Wt: 265 lbs
Class: 2020

LPI: What schools have offered you and which schools that haven’t offered are showing interest in you or may be close to offering?

KA: Offers: Yale, Columbia, UPenn, Fordham, Southern Illinois, Indiana State, Illinois State. Strong Interest: Minnesota, Northwestern, Princeton, Harvard, Kansas State.

LPI: Do you have any visits coming up and where have you visited recently?

KA: I will be visiting UPenn and hopefully Princeton in May. Recently I’ve visited Harvard, Minnesota, Yale, and Northwestern. They all gave me very different experiences and I really enjoyed each visit I’ve been on so far.

LPI: Not counting any teammates, who is the best player that you have gone against in your high school career?

KA: I would have to say Izaiah Ruffin from OPRF. He had great size, speed, and quickness that really challenged me when we played them this year.

LPI: What have you been doing to take your game to the next level this offseason?

KA: This offseason I’ve been focusing on a piece of my game that I think really needs to improve, which is my strength. I’ve been lifting and preparing my body for summer camp and for next season as well. I’ve also been working on my agility, quickness and overall athleticism, which I think is a strong piece of my game.

LPI: What are you looking for in a program to continue your football career at? Will distance from home play a factor in your choice?

KA: I am looking for a program that’s gonna allow me to flourish in my academic and athletic life equally. Someplace that will allow me to shape my future for the better and truly set me up for a great life after college, whether that’s the NFL or any other future career.

LPI: Who on your team has what it takes to play college ball, but are currently being under recruited?


Owen Goss – He’s a lockdown corner and a huge hitter. He’s one of the grittiest people I know and is an extremely hard worker not to mention a great leader. He can make any team’s #1 receiver look like a freshman. He’s also one of the grittiest people I know and is an extremely hard worker not to mention a great leader. Any DB room in the country would be lucky to add this guy to it because he’s that much of an impact player for the defense.

Braden Contreras – Braden is basically Odell at the high school level. He has big hands and wins almost every 50/50 ball that you throw at him. His combination of a great vert, big hands, long arms, and speed makes him unguardable. Any ball you throw at him, you know he’s coming down with it no matter where you put it. He could make a huge impact at the next level if given the chance.

Michael Dunphy – Michael’s a very versatile O-Lineman. He can play guard, tackle, or center at a very high level. His combination of size and strength is really impressive especially at the high school level. Over this offseason, I’ve really seen him grind and work his butt off to be ready for next year. He is also deceptively fast. He’d make a huge impact on the O-Line at the next level.

Ethan Lin – Ethan is an extremely talented d-lineman. He can play any position you ask him to play including linebacker. His speed, quickness, and strength at the d-end is unparalleled. He really challenges O-lineman on every snap. Ethan Lin can really be a big time player for a big time program.