2022 DL/OL Leonard’s Recruiting Just Getting Started

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Clayton Leonard

Defensive End/Offensive Tackle
Iroquois West
Gilman, IL
GPA: 4.46/4.00
Commitment status: Undecided
Twitter: @ClaytonLeonar16
Ht: 6’4″
Wt: 230 lbs
Class: 2022

LPI: Have you seen interest from any colleges yet?

CL: No colleges have shown any interest in me yet.

LPI: What was it like starting on varsity as a freshman and how do you think it will help you throughout the rest of your high school career?

CL: It was an honor to start varsity as a freshman. I learned a lot from the speed of the game to physical toughness that it takes to play at the varsity level. It was a great experience and will help me excel as I improve and advance in high school.

LPI: Who do you model your game after and why?

CL: I model my game after Ryan Kerrigan. I appreciate his size, speed, power, and athleticism.

LPI: What have you been doing this offseason to take your game to the next level?

CL: I have been lifting hard and working on my speed and agility with my coaches. I have set high goals in weight room that I want to achieve.

LPI: Do you play any other sports in the offseason?

CL: I play basketball in the offseason. I feel that it greatly improves my footwork and speed. Basketball also keeps me in good physical shape.

LPI: Do have any upcoming visits or showcase plans coming up?

CL: I am attending the Lemming Underclassmen camp and hope to attend many more over the summer.

LPI: Not counting any teammates, who is the best player you have gone against in your high school career?

CL: I would say the best player I went against this season was Chris Bement TE/DE-Dwight who is attending ISU this fall. I felt I matched up well on the line with him and enjoyed the competition with him.

LPI: Who on your team has what it takes to play college ball, but is currently getting under recruited?

CL: Players on my team who could play college football

Auston Miller RB/LB – Another freshman who started for us. He is overlooked due to his size but he was our second leading rusher this season and he has above average speed

Kevin Butler NT – A junior on our team who again is overlooked due to size but his speed and strength demanded double.

Zach Rice DT – Zach has good size at 6’4 and 240lbs. His size and strength allow him to be a force inside.