2019 MLB Shockey Has FCS/FBS Interest

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Glenbard East’s 2019 MLB Anthony Shockey talked being a 3 year varsity starter and as well as his upcoming visits. Head coach John Walters also gave me his thoughts on Shockey on and off the field.

Anthony Shockey

Middle Linebacker
Glenbard East
Lombard, IL
GPA: 3.36/4.00
Commitment status: Undecided
Twitter: @anthonyshockey_
Ht: 6’1″
Wt: 210 lbs
Class: 2019

LPI: What have you been doing to take your game to the next level. Also, do you play any other sports in the offseason or do you play 7on7?

AS: I really have been focusing on my explosiveness, flexibility, strength and my get off the ball speed. I workout daily and I go to the field couple times a week to work on speed and footwork. I plan on going to acceleration to really bring my physicality and body control to the next level. I was brought up as a sophomore to varsity basketball and now this is my second year playing on varsity. Same for football I was brought up as a sophomore and it was a big step for me but it really has made me the football player I am today with the experience. I go to my home field and get some work done there with some teammates like agility ladders, weighted sleds, parachutes and tires.

LPI: Do you consider yourself a leader on your team? If so, how do you lead on and off the field?

AS: I do consider myself a leader. My teammates look up to me and come to me with questions and problems. As soon as the football season ends we get to work, I try and make sure every guy is in the weight room, hitting the books and getting ready for the next season. I make sure that I have close bonds with guys I don’t talk to regularly that are my teammates. I am a Middle Linebacker I have to make sure that guys know the plays and are positioned correctly. I look out for my teammates and even the scout guys no ones left out and I push everyone of my teammates to their fullest potential.

LPI: What schools have shown interest in you or may be close to offering? Also, do you have any visits planned?

AS: Right now schools that have came in for me are NIU, Wyoming, ISU, North Dakota, Western Michigan, University of Pennsylvania and I have been in contact with University of Minnesota Moorhead. I haven’t been on any visits as of right now but I plan on going to some definitely this summer and fall. I am going to ISU junior day this upcoming Saturday and Western Michigan in late February to meet some coaches and players and visit the facilities.

LPI: Who on your high school team has what it takes to play college ball, but i s currently flying under the radar in terms of recruiting?

AS: A teammate that stands out to me is Bret Bushka. He plays QB for Glenbard East. He is an outstanding football player. Bret brings a lot to the table you can throw anything at him and he’ll find a way to make a play. Not only is he outstanding on the field but he’s an amazing leader. Bushka is also a very talented baseball player he loves the grind and he’s the hardest worker I know. Bret’s an athlete, he can do anything, he loves to compete and win that’s what he strives for. This is why Bret Bushka can play at the next level.

Coach’s Corner

Glenbard East Head Coach John Walters on Shockey on and off the field

“Anthony is a coaches dream, leader, high character guy, and an extremely hard working young man. Anthony works at everything he does until he succeeds. As a two year varsity starter we will lean on these attributes next season as a team to be successful.”