2020 RB Etienne Getting Early Power 5 Looks

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Stevenson’s 2018 RB Jean Marc Etienne talked Power 5 schools showing interest, his intense offseason regimen, playing basketball in the winter/spring to stay in shape and some of his under the radar teammates.

Jean Marc Etienne

Running Back
Lincolnshire, IL
GPA: 3.20/4.00
Commitment status: Undecided
Twitter: @JetienneM
Ht: 5’11”
Wt: 175 lbs
Class: 2020

LPI: Tell me about what you’ve been doing to take your game to the next level. Also, do you play any other sports in the offseason or do you play 7on7?

JME: During the offseason I’ve been working on getting faster for next season, while also trying to get into the 185-190 range for weight. This year I’ve been much more serious about the food I’m putting in body and I feel it’s making me a better athlete. Soda, fast food, and junk food are things that I don’t even touch anymore because I’m trying to be in the best shape possible. As far as the other sports, I play basketball for my school and AAU during the spring/summer. Basketball is something I love competing in and it also helps me develop lateral quickness and explosiveness.

LPI: What are your greatest strengths on the field?

JME: I’d say my best strength is my vision and elusiveness. I also feel I can use my quickness to escape defenders who have a good angle on me. I think my heart and experience also have played a big part in my success. I work and compete as hard as anyone, and I think that translates into the games. I know it’s advantage that I’m running as hard as possible, while my opponents may be tired and don’t want to play as hard. It was only my first year of varsity football this past season, however it was my tenth year of football in addition to playing all the time as a little kid with my older brother. Playing for that long helps slow down the game for me and lets me play with instincts instead of having to think when I play.

LPI: You currently don’t have any offers. What schools have you been in touch with?

JME: Iowa has been in touch and NIU as well as Ball State have expressed interest in me. I also have some interest from Northwestern, Notre Dame, Minnesota, and Syracuse.

LPI: Do you have any planned visits set? If so, where at?

JME: I took a visit to Iowa earlier this year when they played Penn St., and it was a great experience. I don’t have any other visits planned as of right now.

LPI: Who are some of your teammates or training partners that you believe can play at the next level, but have gone overlooked by college coaches?


Jordan Vincent (’20) – I’ve known him since 6th grade and he’s the teammate I’ve been able to trust the most over the years. He’s a great competitor and plays with a chip on his shoulder. He has tremendous speed and can play anywhere on the field whether it’s RB, WR, LB, DB, even QB.

Ivan Gleyzer (’19) – Ivan’s a big, physically imposing player. He’s about 6’4” 280 and is able to put all that size to use. He battled through this past season with injuries that other kids wouldn’t play through, but still was a crucial part of our line.

Maema Njongmeta (’19) – Maema was one of our best players this year. He had 13 sacks as a junior OLB and that’s crazy, especially considering it was only his third year of football. He’s an extremely quick learner and enjoys every second out there on the field.

Danny Hynes (’19) – Danny was originally a WR coming into this season and was surprised the coaches said they wanted him as a DB. He didn’t have much a experience coming in but was just happy to help out the team. Danny has a great attitude and is a great teammate. He’s very quick and understands route concepts from his time as a WR. In addition to that, he’s also a very physical player with his 6’2” 185 pound frame and I remember numerous times throughout the season where he made great open field tackles against opposing RBs and WRs.

Coach’s Corner

Stevenson Head Coach Josh Hjorth on Etienne on and off the field

“He is everything you would want in a student-athlete. Hard working, humble, bright, a natural leader, great young man. Always has a smile on his face!”