Naz 2019 S Baker Has Power 5 Suitors

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Nazareth’s 2019 S Jermaine Baker talked FBS schools showing the most interest, his offseason work with Midwest BOOM and more. I also received head coach Tim Racki’s thoughts on Baker.

Jermaine Baker

LaGrange, IL
Commitment status: Undecided
Twitter: @Jaeee_la
Ht: 6’2″
Wt: 205 lbs
Class: 2019

LPI: Tell me about what you’ve been doing this season to take your game to the next level. Also, do you play any other sports in the offseason or do you play 7on7?

JB: What I have been doing this season is really trying to bond with my teammates and push them and myself to be better than we were yesterday. Each day we strive for our personal best and play for everyone next to us. We know what we want and it’s within our grasp it’s just mainly about focusing on the little things like having confidence, film study, and executing. Personally I train everyday of the week and I play 7v7 with Midwest Boom so that really helps with increasing my football IQ. Also the amount of reps I get with some of the best talent is just something some kids can’t replicate, which gives me a huge advantage.

LPI: Do you have any offers? If not, which schools have shown serious interest in you?

JB: I do not have any offers yet but I do have interest from a few big schools. These schools are Penn State, Wisconsin, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Yale, and Iowa State. They have contacted me through mail, emails, and Twitter.

LPI: Do you have any planned visits set? If so, where at?

JB: I actually just left Iowa State this weekend for their game against Kansas and that was my last planned visit. I am, however, trying to get down to Cincinnati and Wisconsin for one of their games.

LPI: How do you go the extra mile for you teammates whether it be on or off the field?.

JB: I go the extra mile for my teammates by making sure that my preparation for the game is unbeatable both mentally and physically. If any situation presents itself, I am ready. I never want to be that guy that will come up short for the team or be the weak link so I make sure I do what I need to do. During practice I make sure we are flying to the ball and communication is on point. We have an extremely athletic and competitive team so it does not take much for my teammates to get after it. We have some of the best coaches in Illinois so our job is not really hard at all it’s more listening and executing.

LPI: Who are some of your teammates or training partners that you believe can play at the next level, but have gone overlooked by college coaches?


Wesley Lones (LB): Undoubtedly one of the best linebackers in the state of Illinois he plays with heart and passion which you can’t just find anywhere & most important he is one of the main tone setters in our defense. He led our team in tackles last year with 82 tackles and if you watch his Hudl, his skills won’t disappoint you.

Matt Keeler (LT): One of the big boys on our team at 6’6 305lbs. He has really stepped up this year against some really big names in our conference and completely shut them down. No question about if he could play at the next level, he has the size and gets the job done.

Diamond Evans (CB): Diamond is a premier lockdown corner and he also plays receiver. I’ve known him since 6th grade we met through 7v7 and we really push each other to be better. Since he has arrived at Naz he’s been a very dynamic player for our team. He’s a leader and really pushes our team to be the best we can. He really understands the cornerback position and not only plays for himself but also his team. When I am playing FS he makes my job so much easier by not even letting the receiver off of the line or just knocking him off of his route. He is currently at 5’10.5 and 183.

David Oglesby: David plays receiver and is very versatile and very explosive. He can run any route on the route tree he is not limited at all. We move him all around for receiver: he plays split and the next play he is in the slot. I see him playing corner in college but he is a contributor for the offense and defense right now.

Coach’s Corner

Nazareth Head Coach Tim Racki on Baker on and off the field

“Great, great kid in general. Very nice and humble off the field. Really emerged as a leader this season. He is like the QB of the defensive backs, very smart in classroom and a high FB IQ. Genuine and respectful, I can see him being a coach down the road.”