2018 LB Meehan Is Ready For A Pivotal Senior Season

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Caught up with Marist very underrated 2018 MLB/OLB Danny Meehan. We talked FCS schools showing the most interest in him, his under the radar teammates and also got Marist head coach Pat Dunne’s thoughts on Meehan.

Danny Meehan

Middle Linebacker/Outside Linebacker
Chicago, IL
GPA: 5.02/4.00
Commitment status: Undecided
Twitter: @danny_meehan6
Ht: 6’2″
Wt: 215 lbs
Class: 2018

LPI: What are you going to do to take your game to the next level this offseason? Are you playing 7on7 or are you playing any other sports?

DM: This off-season Marist was in the 7 on 7 league at the Bo Dome. It was good to be out there for a couple months building chemistry with the team. I worked out 4 days a week in the morning with the team then on the weekends I would meet up with some of the guys and get a workout in whether it was running, lifting, or playing some hoops. I also threw discus in the spring.

LPI: You currently don’t have any offers, but I believe you have what it takes to play at the next level. What skill set can you bring to the table for a college football program?

DM: I think what separates me from other players is my motor on and off the field. I give 100% all the time and every play on the field. Off the field, I watch film and train hard in the weight room. I also think my speed, strength, size, and football IQ set me apart from other Linebackers. I have a nose for the ball and I like making plays. Lastly, my work ethic sets me apart because I’m never satisfied where I’m at, I always want to get better.

LPI: Which schools have shown serious interest in you?

DM: Holy Cross, Brown, Dayton, and Drake have shown serious interest in me. I’ve been talking to a lot of FCS schools my recruiting really picked up in the spring. I’ve also been in touch with many D2 and D3 schools.

LPI: Where have you visited most recently and do you have any planned visits or camps/showcases set?

DM: This summer I attended the Chicagoland Showcase and I camped at Holy Cross and Brown. Now I plan on camping at Dayton and Drake in the upcoming weeks.

LPI: On or off the field, how do you demonstrate leadership or go the extra mile for your teammates?

DM: On the field, I show leadership by being the first out there and the last to leave. I practice at a high level so my teammates can follow and practice at a high level so the team gets better. I hold everyone accountable and if they’re dogging it I will get on them because I know the talent they have and we need that 100% of the time in order to win. I lead by example but also vocally by constantly talking to help guys out or to hype up the team.

LPI: Who are some of your teammates or training partners that you believe can play at the next level, but have gone overlooked by college coaches?


Mike Lawlor – Mike and I have played together since the 5th grade and Mike is just a winner. He gets the job done. Mike plays safety for us but he can play anywhere on the football field and he makes an impact every game with his speed, strength, and size. Mike also gets it done in the classroom.

Tommy Greene – Tommy will be a 3 year varsity player this year at OT. He has great feet and strength and is a huge leader for us on the O-line. Tommy has this toughness and passion when he plays where he won’t be stopped and will do whatever it takes to win.

Delonte Harrel – Delonte will be a 3 year starter at RB this year. He can play anywhere on the field and makes an impact in every game. He already has about 13 offers but he’s still overlooked by the big programs and he’s an elite player that I believe will play in an elite program when it’s all said and done. Delonte is a hard worker on the field and in the classroom.

Tom Gillen – Tom will be 3 year starter at kicker this year. Tom works hard and has gotten better every year. He made some of the biggest kicks in Marist history and he is just clutch. It’s huge for our defense when the other team always starts on their own 20. Tom is a big time player and makes an impact on every game.

Coach’s Corner

Marist Head Coach Pat Dunne on Meehan on and off the field

“Danny Meehan will bring an immediate impact to a program on the field, in the classroom and in the community. His work ethic, focus, and emotion in which he goes about everything in his life is truly remarkable. Very explosive player who has a knack for the football and ‘wears his heart on his sleeve’. His attitude on the field and in the weight room will be contagious to all of his teammates.”