2018 QB Murray Has Schools Of All Levels Interested

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Geneva’s 2018 QB Bobby Murray has been in touch with a variety of college programs and is ready for a big senior year. We talked his offseason work to improve his game, his upcoming camps/visits and also got Geneva head coach Rob Wicinski’s thoughts on Murray.

Bobby Murray

Geneva, IL
GPA: 3.90
Commitment status: Undecided
Twitter: @bob_mur7
Ht: 6’2″
Wt: 175 lbs
Class: 2018

LPI: What are you going to do to take your game to the next level this offseason? Are you playing 7-on-7 or are you playing any other sports?

BM: I have been working extremely hard in the weight room and concentrating on my core. I am also focusing on my flexibility in the off season as well. I work on my QB fundamentals on a regular basis. I have always worked hard at being as accurate as possible, while trying to be as perfect as I can with my footwork. I typically will throw about 3 days a week. That will increase to 4 days a week after the 4th of July. Our team will participate in several 7-on-7’s this summer too…looking forward to those for sure.

LPI: You currently don’t have any offers, but I believe you have what it takes to play at the next level. What skill set can you bring to the table for a college football program?

BM: Thank you. No offers…yet. However, that’s not something that I focus on. All I can do is keep working hard, work on getting better as a QB, and when the season comes, putting some great plays on film. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to do that again this fall.

As far as what I can bring to a college program, I would say my leadership skills, being mentally and physically tough are definitely at the top of that list. I pride myself on being extremely accurate and making good decisions with the football. I’ve been taught from an early age to read coverage so I also feel that’s a strong point of mine too. Being a sprinter in Track and Field has really given me a chance to get a lot faster and being able to use that at the QB position is invaluable.

LPI: Which schools have shown serious interest in you?

BM: Harvard, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia, Bucknell, Holy Cross, Illinois, Illinois State, Ferris St, UM-Duluth, Hillsdale College, North Central, St. Thomas, Mt. Union, WashU, and Bowdoin.

LPI: Where have you visited most recently and do you have any planned visits or camps/showcases set?

BM: I attended Junior Day visits at Illinois, Dartmouth and Bucknell. Right now, we have plans to attend camps at Cornell, Holy Cross, Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, WashU and Bucknell…so far.

LPI: On or off the field, how do you demonstrate leadership or go the extra mile for your teammates?

BM: My teammates know that I am there for them no matter what; They’re my guys. I’ve grown up with most of them, so we’ve known each other since we were little kids. They know who I am as a person and as their QB. They know I’ll never quit on them… ever. They’re my brothers, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for any of my guys. I try to lead by example, I work hard in the classroom, I never miss workouts, I put in a lot of extra work trying to be the best QB I can be for our program.

LPI: Who are some of your teammates or training partners that you believe can play at the next level, but have gone overlooked by college coaches?


Troy Tams 2018 SS 6’2″ 200 – Physical player, smart player, always around the ball.

Zach Pronenko 2018 LB 6’0″ 215 – Defensive leader, very tough, physical player, high football IQ, very underrated.

Jake Temple 2018 WR 6’4″ 190 – Size, speed, hands. Jake is a threat. He’s big and he’s open all the time. Getting better and better at running great routes.

Cole Campbell 2019 DE 6’2″ 225 – Motor, speed, toughness, quickness, technique, raw talent.

Garrett Sneed 2019 WR 6’0″ 175 – Great hands, extremely quick, very athletic, and has very good body control when the ball is in the air. Another true threat at WR.

Reilly Waldoch 2019 K 6’2″ 195 – He was putting KO’s into the end zone since he was a freshman. Could be a big-time kicker for sure. Also plays RB, WR, etc… Just an all around great athlete.

Coach’s Corner

Geneva Head Coach Rob Wicinski on Murray on and off the field

“Bobby is a bright kid and has a good ‘soul’. He is up beat and likes to compete.”