Highlight Tape Tips Part 2

Cover Photo Credit: Hudl

After watching countless hours of film I thought I’d write up a short list of tips for recruits when putting together their highlight tape. I’ll update this in the future, this is just a quick list I put together. If you missed it, you can check out Part 1 of my Highlight Tape Tips HERE.

1. Make sure your highlights are easy to identify – You don’t need to put a nickname for your tape like, “I Ball Out” or something over the top. Simply putting something like junior highlights 2016 is plenty for a college coach. Don’t make it harder for a coach to find which tape is which.

2. Include your Twitter in your highlight tape profile section – This is another simple trick to increase your exposure. Make sure to add your Twitter handle so it is under the “About” section of your Hudl profile. If college coaches really like you, they’ll Google your name to find your Twitter. However, colleges are recruiting hundreds of kids each class. What if you don’t completely stand out from the rest and they just cross you off? Sure, it sounds like a long shot (because it is), but its the little things that could ultimately add up and separate yourself from the pack of hundreds of other recruits that school may be recruiting.

3. Include your Measurables and Athleticism in your highlight tape profile section – Measurables is an absolute must on your Hudl. I’d say about 95-97% of recruits have their height and weight listed, but for some reason there is a small percent that does not, likely because they are undersized. College coaches will eventually find out your height and weight so just include it and be honest even if you are a little undersized.

4. Include your Athleticism in your highlight tape profile section – Not as important as your measurables, but still a great thing to have. Athleticism, including things such as your 40 time, vertical, bench press, squat deadlift and clean are all good things to have on your profile. College coaches will take them with a grain of salt (just as they do with height and weight), but its still great to have so they can have an estimate for where you’re at.

5. If you recently transferred schools make sure to note it – To be more specific, if you transferred to a new school in the offseason, make sure to note it somewhere such as your most recent season tape. This saves college coaches time and makes it easier for them to recruit you. For example, you can change your most recent season highlights from “Junior highlight tape” to “Junior year at Brother Rice (Now at Evergreen Park)”.

6. Do not change your Twitter Handle – You may think your Twitter Handle is outdated or not cool anymore, but if you change it, it becomes that much harder for schools to contact you. If you have been in contact with a coach via other means (phone or email) it doesn’t matter, but if I’m sending out a recruit’s Twitter Handle in my database and it changes then the coach will get an error message and may have a tough time finding you and reaching out to you.

7. Do not put anything offensive/vulgar in your tape description – It doesn’t happen often, but I’ve seen some inappropriate things from gang names to offensive slang listed as a title of or in the description of a tape. Not trying to play the religion card on everyone, but use this as a rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t say it to the Pope, then don’t put it in your highlight tape or post it anywhere on social media at all for that matter.

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