Player Primer: Derric Lee

Waubonsie Valley’s 2018 CB Derric Lee is a legitimate 6’0″ 170lbs. I had the chance to see him compete at the BOOM Best of the Midwest showcase earlier this week and he stood out not only with his great length and size, but also with his impressive on field performance. We discussed his offseason work with BOOM 7on7, the numerous FBS schools keeping in touch with him and being a quiet leader on the field.

You can find Derric on Twitter @derriclee22.

Derric Lee

Waubonsie Valley
Aurora, IL
Ht: 6’0″
Wt: 170 lbs
Class: 2018

Commitment status: Undecided

LPI: Playing in the very difficult DuPage Valley Conference, you guys finished your season at 6-5. Now that your season is over, what are you going to do to take your game to the next level? Are you going to be playing 7on7

DL: Other than running track at school, I will continue to workout with my DB and weightlifting trainers. I’ve attended the U.S. Army National Combine and plan to attend the Nike Opening, Sound Mind, Sound Body and Rivals camps to improve my craft. I will be playing my 4th season with my 7v7 team, Midwest BOOM. I have been training with J.R. and Mike Niklos since I wasy 9 years old, so playing for them was just a natural progression.

LPI: You recently picked up your second FBS offer from Northern Illinois, with your previous offer coming from Toledo. What skill set can you bring to the table for a college football program?

DL: I am very intelligent, athletic and aggressive player that will compliment any defensive scheme that I am asked to play in. I will be that silent leader on the field.

LPI: Besides the schools that have offered you, which schools have shown serious interest in you?

DL: I receive weekly mailings and communications from Northwestern, Penn State, Navy, Wisconsin, Missouri, Arkansas, Yale, Indiana, Purdue, Illinois and Western Michigan. Stanford and Duke have requested an official copy of my transcript from my school counselor and sent me a letter stating they are currently evaluating me as a student athlete.

LPI: Where have you visited most recently and do you have any planned visits coming up?

DL: I have had the pleasure and opportunity over the past 3 months to visit Northwestern, Penn State, Missouri, Navy, Toledo, Western Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Purdue. Currently, I have 2 visits scheduled with Northern Illinois and Wisconsin, but have been in conversation with other schools on when they are coming to my school for a visit and when I would be available to come on campus.

LPI: On or off the field, how do you demonstrate leadership?

DL: I am very focused and task-oriented player who doesn’t believe that you have to be the loudest to be heard and to be a leader on the team. Basically, it comes down to leading by example and that is what I bring to the team.

LPI: Who are some of your teammates that you believe can play at the next level, but have gone overlooked by college coaches?

DL: Some players that I believe have been over looked by colleges so far in the recruiting process and could play at the next level on my team would include….

Josh Dominiak – MLB: Very aggressive, strong leader, and is disciplined when it comes to knowing his responsibilities.

Charles Robinson – TE/WR: Is a monster size-wise, hard to take down, very athletic, and his route running/hands has improved greatly over the past 2 seasons.

Eric Esch – WR : Very fast, good hands and very athletic. He runs nice sharp routes and in my opinion is definitely a player who has been slept on.

Tanner Westwood – QB: Is a big play maker, often finding ways to make something out of nothing, elusive in the backfield, has clutched plenty of games for us. Loves to be the one bringing the hit and also has a good arm.