Player Primer: Nick Leongas

Maine South’s 2017 QB Nick Leongas has a chip on his shoulder and wants to prove all his doubters wrong. We talked schools he’s kept in touch with, working non stop to improve his already impressive game and what’s next for Maine South.

You can find Nick on Twitter @Nleongas410.

Nick Leongas

Maine South
Park Ridge, IL
Ht: 5’11”
Wt: 185 lbs
Class: 2017

Commitment status: Undecided

LPI: What were the most important things you did this offseason and are now doing in practice so you can improve this season?

NL: Creating a bond and chemistry with the whole team, specifically the receivers, and developing better footwork were probably the most important things I did in the offseason. It was very important to me that this team created a very strong bond because having that trust and respect for one another is a key part in a team’s success. During the offseason, all the receivers and myself would go anywhere we could to throw some routes and get the timing down because we knew how important it was to make sure all of us were on the same page. Even during the season, we still get together on off days or down time in practice to work on our connections and get our footwork down.

LPI: You currently do not have any offers. What are your greatest strengths or why should a school offer you?

NL: I have no offers at the moment, but I hope for that to change soon. I believe that my ability to scramble away from defenders and make a positive out of a broken play is one of my greatest strengths. I also believe that my combination of being an accurate passer and a good runner allows me to have most of my success. Being able to run and pass creates problems for opposing defenses because they can’t just assume that I will only throw the ball, they must account for me in the run game.

LPI: Offer or not, which schools have you kept in contact with the most? Or which schools have shown interest in you?

NL: Overall, Dartmouth, Harvard, Middlebury, Colby, Wash U, San Diego and a lot of D3 schools have shown interest in me.

LPI: Where have you visited most recently and do you have any visits coming up?

NL: Over the summer, I camped and visited Dartmouth, Harvard, Columbia and Princeton and also visited San Diego. I plan on visiting most of those schools as well as Middlebury and Colby soon.

LPI: What’re your personal goals for this season?

NL: This season my goals were to be a guy that my teammates could count on and provide a spark to the offense. During the offseason, I was really overlooked and I took that personally, it motivated me to get in the weight room and work on my technique more often so I could become a great teammate and player so I could bring a state championship to Maine South.

LPI: You guys are now 4-3 this year and are looking to finish strong to earn a playoff spot. What are you team goals for the rest of this year and how are you guys going to achieve them?

NL: For the rest of the season, we just have to go back to playing our game of football. Last week, we all felt that we let that one slip away, but that is no excuse. We all need to buy into everything that our coaches teach us, practice harder than ever before and have faith in one another. We know we still are a dangerous team so we just need to focus on us and everything will play itself out.

LPI: You guys have talented players in yourself, Kevin Jarvis and Fotis Kokosioulis. Who are some of your other teammates that you believe have a chance to play at the next level, but may be getting overlooked by college coaches?


Sean McNulty: I believe he is the best kicker in the state. He’s a guy who can kill it at the next level. It’s such a relief knowing that once the offense get the ball over the 50 yard line that we have a kicker that can put up 3 points if we need it.

Matt Holbrook and Luke Hinkamp: 2 guys that can help any team out. They both have really good hands and are huge threats to the defense. Holbrook has the speed to play at the next level and burns past opposing DB’s while Hinkamp, being 6’6″, can go up and grab any ball that is thrown to him.

Mike Pusateri, Jack Pistorius, Emmett Zima: 3 leaders on defense who can play at the next level for sure. Mike and Jack are 2 linebackers who can hitstick someone and also go cover a receiver or running back with ease. They both are really smart players who use their athleticism to their advantage. Emmett is a big body on the defensive line who can create havoc for opposing offenses. He has the power, speed and smarts to do well at the next level.

Danny O’Malley: Another name that college coaches should know. He is a big body that can block some of the best rushers. With his footwork and strength, he is a guy that I don’t need to worry about anyone hitting me from my blindside, which allows me to focus downfield.

Also, next year be on the lookout for Cam Stacy, Rory Hayes, John O’Sullivan, Paul Sasso, Thomas Yager, Anthony Bartell along with Fotis leading the way. All of these guys are going to be studs.