LPI Game Preview: Addison Trail vs Morton

Addison Trail

The Blazers of Addison Trail come into this game at 2-4 and on the heels of 2 straight losses. I can assure you coach Paul Parpet is not happy about it and I can see the Blazers coming out fast in this game with a fire lit under their belly. Senior QB Bobby Daniels leads the offense into battle this week while junior Nick D’Ambrose will handle groundwork duties for Addison Trail. D’Ambrose isn’t the biggest back (5’8″ 180lbs), but he’s fast, isn’t afraid to lower his shoulder and plays much bigger than his size. OL Jack Simko, Mike Renc and Randy Petrbok are names to watch on this OL and will look to help out Daniels and D’Ambrose in the pass and run game. Senior WR Darrion Conrad is the kid I’ll make sure to que in on this game. Conrad is fast (4.48 40), has good hands, is shifty and very tough to bring down in space. Senior Stevan Jones has good size at 6’3″ 175lbs and is someone else I’ll be watching on this Blazer offense. The Blazer defense isn’t the biggest unit, but is fast and well coached. Andrew Felix, Nick DiBernardo, Chris Purdy and Conrad (plays both ways) are people to watch on the Addison Trail defense.

Other Players To Watch
Ricky Perez, Zach Ullrich, Dom Zumpano,

Keys To The Game
Offense: This team has big-time playmakers in RB Nick D’Ambrose and WR Darrion Conrad. I suspect the Blazers will give a heavy dose of D’Ambrose mixing in passes to Conrad show he can show his big play ability. If one or both of these guys get going I think the Blazer’s offense will do well.

Defense: I think they’ll sell out to stop the run game of Morton’s Greg Hoard. If they can successfully slow down Hoard, I believe the Blazer’s D will put them in a good position to win.


It has been a tough year for coach Bob Organ and the Mustangs. They sit at 1-5 with their sole win against a winless Proviso East team. However, there is talent on this squad and they have what it takes to take down Addison Trail this week. Junior RB Greg Hoard is the biggest name to watch on this team. He reminds me a bit of Darrion Conrad of Addison Trail: similar size and stature, fast, good acceleration and tough to tackle when given space. I’d love to see Hoard get some recruiting attention from college scouts. This Mustang team also has a few big OL in junior Goran Dzolic (6’7″ 300lbs) and Oscar Lester (6’2″ 285lbs) that will look to give Hoard room to run this game. Ivan Delgado is a 6’2″ 205 TE that will look to pick up some yards through the air for Morton. Isaac Gudalajara, Alex Blancart and Charles Robinson are 3 people to watch on this Mustang defense.

Other Players To Watch
Fernando Adamd, Sean Black

Keys To The Game
Offense: This OL has to give Greg Hoard room to run. Addison Trail will sell out to stop Hoard so the Mustangs have to do everything in their power to combat it.

Defense: The best defense for Morton in this game is offense. If the Mustangs can get ahead early and force the Blazers to pass then the Mustang defense can key in on Addison Trail pass catchers Conrad and Jones.