Player Primer: Matt Kentgen

Spoke up with Maine West’s 2018 WR/TE Matt Kentgen on working hard to put on weight for this season, his upcoming visits and schools he’s kept in touch with the most.

You can find Matt on Twitter @matthewkentgen.

Matt Kentgen

Wide Receiver/Tight End
Maine West
Des Plaines, IL
Ht: 6’4″
Wt: 190 lbs
Class: 2018

Commitment status: Undecided

LPI: What were the most important things you did this offseason and are now doing in practice so you can improve this season?

MK: The main part of my offseason was getting stronger. Last year as a sophomore starting on varsity weighing only around 170 pounds it was a must to get bigger and stronger. I hit the weight room hard and got my weight up to 190 pounds. Also during the offseason worked a lot on my hands. I had Jake Riportella and Sam Kindle throwing to me all off season and also working with my coaches on different hand drills. In practice I focus on running sharp routes and blocking from a wide receiver position and tight end position.

LPI: You don’t have any offers at the moment but you’re on a mission to prove to schools that you can play at the next level. What are your greatest strengths or why should a school offer you?

MK: As of now you are correct I do not hold any offers but I am hoping for that to change soon. I feel like I am a great pass catcher with a big frame and long arms. I am a flex option so I can play both wide receiver and tight end. I run good routes and often catch the ball at it’s highest point not allowing defensive backs to get their hands on the football. I also have a 3.5 GPA and i also am good student in school.

LPI: Offer or not, which schools have you kept in contact with the most?

MK: Most active schools right now are Purdue, Central Michigan, and Minnesota Duluth. I have had the most contact with Central Michigan with their Assistant Recruiting Coordinator Jason Johnson and a few other coaches from the team. Also have talked to Minnesota Duluth coaches quite frequently. Purdue just came on the radar about a month and a half ago. Have been sent multiple letters and have had an opportunity to talk to some coaches from purdue.

LPI: Where have you visited most recently and do you have any visits coming up?

MK: I just had my first visit to Purdue yesterday. I have a visit to Central Michigan coming up on October 29th. I’ve also been talking with the University of Illinois on going down and seeing a game.

LPI: What’re your personal goals for this season?

MK: For this season my personal goals are to again be named All Conference. I also would like to be named All Area. I would like to double my stats from last year which were 23 receptions for 341 yards and 3 touchdowns. I also would like help lead my team to playoff berth. Another goal for me would be to become a better run blocker from the tight end position that was a main thing my coaches identified as an area I need the most improvement in.

LPI: You guys are 3-2 this year after losing to two 5-0 teams in Rolling Meadows and Hoffman Estates. What have you and your team been doing more now than ever so you can get to the playoffs?

MK: Well we lost to two good football teams and we realize we can play with these good 5-0 football teams. We feel that our conference is not as strong as it has been the past few years and we think we can take advantage of that by winning at least three more games giving us a good shot at making the playoffs. In practice we have been working on being sharp and executing every single play. Also, we have had a couple rough injuries affecting our team so our trainers are working hard with those guys to get them back on the field. We realize the opportunity we have to turn this program around and become a threat in the CSL.

LPI: Who are some of your teammates that you believe have a chance to play at the next level, but may be getting overlooked by college coaches?

MK: In my opinion my team has around four other players that can play D1 football.

Malik Siem #10 a senior is a defensive end in a 4-3 scheme and could play some outside LB in a 3-4 scheme. He is a very explosive player that has a great pass rush and generates tons of sacks. He is also a great leader.

Stephen Cutro #72 is a senior is a player I think could play at the next level. He is one of the most consistent players on the team. Also he is very versatile, playing both Guard and Tackle this year. He also has very good footwork, and stays in front of his blocks. He has a GPA of 3.9, and an ACT of 29.

Marteen Robinson #20 is a senior and is a tremendous athlete. He plays DB, WR, and RB. He runs a 4.49 40 yard dash. He is very quick and is very shifty. Has good hands and is very dangerous as a kick returner and punt returner. At corner he has a great break on the ball.

Matt Litas #6 is a junior that played varsity last year with me as a sophomore is also another player that should get some looks on playing at the next level. He is a 5’11 Cornerback that is very physical and is great in man to man coverage. He also has a great break on a ball and is a very good tackler in open space. Has good hands at Cornerback also a reason why he plays some Slot Wide Receiver on offense.