Player Primer: Jackson Marcotte

I spoke with Mt. Carmel’s fast rising 2 sport athlete Jackson Marcotte on recruiting, his growth as a player and how is football recruiting is ramping up. Watch out for this kid, he could become a big name in the class of 2018.

You can find Jackson on Twitter @jacksonm_15

Jackson Marcotte

Tight End
Mt. Carmel
Mt. Carmel, IL
Ht: 6’7″
Wt: 235 lbs
Class: 2018

Commitment status: Undecided

LPI: You’re a standout athlete on the gridiron and on the hardwood. What’s it like being recruited when you’re a 2 sport standout athlete? Have you decided if you’re going to play football, basketball or both in college?

JM: It’s very fun. College basketball programs have shown me interest since my freshman year so my recruiting has been more serious there. Because of that, I really just made football an option for me fairly recently. I’m fortunate to be in the situation I’m in because it gives me a lot of options. Most of the college coaches I’ve been in contact with have been fine with me playing both sports in college so I really appreciate that opportunity. I’m still not exactly sure what I’m going to do, but It’s been a good experience overall and I’m excited to keep going through it.

LPI: Did you attend any camps this offseason. If so, how did it go for you?

JM: I went to a lot of basketball camps to stay in shape and get recruited to play college basketball. As I said earlier, I have just recently been receiving interest from schools to play college football so I do plan on attending camps in the future. I actually received camp offers from Florida State and Purdue, but I could not attend. I do plan on attending football camps in the future though.

LPI: Have you received any offers yet? Which have shown the most interest in you and which schools have you been in contact with the most?

JM: I have not received any offers yet. I’ve talked to a coach at Southern Illinois Carbondale, but other than that most of the recruiting has been coming from schools for basketball. I’m really hoping for a big year in football this year to ramp up my football recruiting.

LPI: What’s it like starting on varsity as a Freshman? You have the size, but what’s it like playing against kids a few years older than you? How is the game different?

JM: I started as a freshman on varsity and coming from 8th grade the game is a lot faster. I didn’t have the strength I do now, but I was always blessed to have the size. Sophomore year I moved to the tight end position, got used to the speed of the game and really improved my strength and speed since then. I’ve actually changed positions every year since 6th grade. I’ve played OG, OL, QB, WR, DE and TE so I’m very versatile.

LPI: The Golden Aces finished last year with a 4-5 record a year removed from a 3A state semi-final appearance. What are you guys doing differently to get back to the playoffs this season?

JM: We have a lot of returning starters and a few new guys on our team this year so we’re really focusing on playing together this season. We’re obviously in the weight room lifting and training to get ready and stay in shape this year. Another big thing for us is staying healthy. 5 of our top 10 guys last year were out for a long time with injuries.

LPI: What are your individual goals for this season?

JM: For me, I want to do whatever it takes for my team to succeed. I’m the go to option this year on offense so I want to be the go to guy that my team can rely on in crunch time. However, breaking some school receiving records and getting a few offers doesn’t hurt either.

LPI: What are your greatest strengths or why should a school offer you?

JM: I’m blessed with good size and length and I’m always the smartest guy on the field. I have very big hands that allow me to catch just about anything even tough passes in tight situations. I take pride in what I’ve done off the field as well. I’ve always been an honor student and have taken school very seriously. I do a lot of stuff with my church and help out in the community as well.

LPI: Who are some players on your team that you believe have a chance to play at the next level, but are being overlooked by college scouts?


Daxton Peach: Daxton plays CB for us, is really fast and is very smart on the field. I’ve been going against him since my freshman year in practice and he’s one of the toughest defenders I’ve ever played against.

Trevor Kennard: Trevor started on varsity for us at RB to replace our injured starter. He ended up breaking the school rushing record that year and has been a force for us ever since. I really think he has what it takes to play at the collegiate level.