Player Primer: Richie Warfield

Providence Catholic running back Richie Warfield (LPI #6 RB) has a chip on his shoulder and wants to prove he can excel at the D1 level.

Richie Warfield

Running Back
New Lenox, IL
Ht: 5’11”
Wt: 200 lbs
Class: 2017

Commitment status: Undecided

LPI: With practices just starting and the season right around the corner, how have you been improving for this upcoming season?

RW: The main things I’ve been focusing on this offseason are improving my speed, running form and agility. I have been working with both Nick Setta at Setta Performance as well as Troy Shepherd, who is training for the 2020 Olympics, this offseason to get me ready for this upcoming season.

I’m going to be playing the slot a lot more this year so on off days I’ve been getting outside and catching more passes so I can improve the receiving dimension of my game. I’m always trying to improve my game and help my team win. So much that I’ve started to play defense again this year to help my team.

LPI: Where have you camped/showcased at this summer and which camps do you think you performed best at?

RW: I’ve camped at quite a few places. The Illinois satellite camp at Lincoln Way East and the Northwestern showcase in Chicago. I then took a 10 day trip out east to camp at Harvard, Penn, Princeton and Brown. I also have camped at Hillsdale, Drake and Dayton.

I think I performed really well at the Brown camp. The coaches told me that I was very close to an offer from them, but they wanted to take a look at the next few upcoming camps they had first. We have been in contact very often since I camped there. I also think the Northwestern Showcase went very well too as I received my first offer from Hillsdale college there.

LPI: Were you on any 7on7 teams this summer? If so, how did it go for you?

RW: My Providence team competed in a 7on7 league against some great competition at the Bo Jackson Dome and Westmont Yard. It was really beneficial for me to get my feet wet on defense and learn our system so I’m prepared for this season.

LPI: What’s it like starting on varsity as a sophomore compared to now?

RW: Starting on varsity as a sophomore was a great experience, especially being able to compete in and win state. With this being my 3rd year on varsity I know exactly what I have to do and exactly how many reps I have to take in practice so that I can be ready for our game. By now I’m just mature and experienced enough to just know what I have to do for me to get ready.

I also don’t get the nerves anymore since it’s my 3rd year on varsity. For me, it’s just another football game and I’m there to do my job to help us win ball games.

LPI: You not only started, but excelled as the starting running back sophomore for Providence scoring 4 touchdowns in the 2014 7A State Championship win over Cary-Grove. However, you were hurt for about half of your junior year, yet still stood out on film in the few games you did play that year. Describe what it’s like coming back from an injury like that? What did you do to ensure that you came back better than you were before your injury?

RW: Unfortunately I only had 2 healthy weeks of football my junior year before my injury. It was tough not being able to play, but that injury has not only motivated me to train harder, but also to train smarter. I can now ready my body better than ever before. One of the most important things I’ve learned is to train hard, but to rest harder. By that I mean I focus more on stretching and recovery time to ensure I’m at 100% when it counts.

My injury was only a sprain so I was able to come back at full strength immediately following the football season. I ran a full track season without any injuries, and in fact, I’m actually in better shape now than I have ever been in before so I’m very excited for this upcoming season.

LPI: Which schools have shown the most interest in you? Are they asking for your early senior film?

RW: Every school that I have visited wants to see my early season film. It makes me very happy because those coaches believe in me and know I have a chance to compete at the D1 level. I keep in contact a lot with Brown, Harvard, Hillsdale, Drake and Dayton. I’m very optimistic about this season and moving forward in the recruiting process with those schools.

LPI: Where have you visited most recently and do you have any visits coming up in the near future?

RW: My most recent visit was to Drake a few weeks ago. I haven’t planned any specific dates for future visits yet, but I plan to get down to some games at Grand Valley State, Hillsdale, Drake and Dayton.

LPI: Where have you received offers from and what is your dream school?

RW: Hillsdale has offered me and my dream school is Dartmouth. I didn’t have a chance to camp at Dartmouth, but I made a visit there and I really liked the coaches, the way they prepare their players and the next generation film watching. Most importantly, the strength and conditioning program at Dartmouth is second to none.

LPI: What was it like getting your first offer?

RW: I was ecstatic. It was a sense of relief and security as well. The funny thing is that I didn’t talk to Hillsdale much before they saw me at the Northwestern camp. The great thing about the first offer is that it motivated me to go out, compete more and work harder to get more offers.

LPI: Your team finished finished last year at 3-6 missing the playoffs a year removed from winning a state championship. What are you and the rest of the Celtics going to do this year so you guys can get back to Champaign?

RW: It started in the offseason, really. Myself and a few other upperclassmen took the initiative to work harder this offseason than we ever have before and make sure everyone is accountable. For example we entered into our first 7on7 to get those reps in and build that camaraderie.

Historically Providence has not been a school that likes playing people both ways, but myself and a few other guys have tried to change that culture. With me now playing on defense, myself and my entire team, will do whatever it takes to win.

We won state in 2014 so we have seen how to win. It’s just a matter of us getting in, doing the work and grinding it out to get those wins.

LPI: What are your greatest strengths or why should a school offer you?

RW: On the football field I’m an explosive runner with breakaway speed that can shed tackles. In the classroom I’m an honor student with a 4.0 GPA and a 30 ACT. Just like football, I take schooling very seriously. However, I think my greatest strength is the will to do whatever it takes to win. Like I said earlier, I’m playing defense again this year so I can help our team on that side of the ball. I love football and I’ll do whatever it takes to get that win for my team.