Player Primer: Jaylon Banks

Oswego East QB Jaylon Banks (LPI #4 QB) and I talk his strengths, offseason work with Next Level Athletix, and more.

Jaylon Banks

Oswego East
Oswego, IL
Ht: 6’0″
Wt: 190 lbs
Class: 2017

Commitment status: Undecided

LPI: What have you been doing to get ready for next season so you can improve?

JB: I’m trying to get ready mentally, physically, and mechanically. Always trying to get better whether it be on or off the field. I’ve done more film study than I’ve done before in this offseason. I’ve studied all the teams in our conference a lot and especially the 2 new teams in our conference.

On the field I’ve also worked a lot on my footwork more so ever than before. I’m so thankful that God has blessed me with speed as well a good arm so I can be a threat to run or throw.

I also wanted to give a shout out to coaches Tyson Leblanc and Jeremy Maine. They have helped me so much in becoming the player that I am today. Not only that, but they would do just about anything for myself or any of my teammates. In fact, my team would not be where it is today without them.

LPI: Where have you camped/showcased at this summer?

JB: I camped at Sound Mind/Sound Body in Houston, Iowa State satellite camp, COD satellite camp for Indiana and Central Michigan. I’m also going to camp at U of I, Ball State and an Indiana State camp in Merrillville Indiana.

I try to get to as many camps as possible so I can not only perform on the football field, but also meet the coaches face to face and build that connection.

LPI: Which camps do you think you stood out the most at?

JB: I think the Ball State, Indiana State, and U of I camps went the best. At the Ball State camp, a Ball State coach pulled me aside and moved me up in the groupings to see me throw more, I was chosen as the best QB at the Indiana State camp, and at the U of I camp I was pulled aside and moved to the grouping of the best QBs.

LPI: Were you on any 7on7 teams this summer? If so, how did it go for you?

JB: I played 7on7 with HEROH and coach Chris James. I played with Darrion Conrad, Ricky Smalling, Tyrice Richie and some other great guys. I also train with Greg Holcomb at Next Level Athletix to improve my game mentally and physically. I’m always grinding in or out of season whether it be with HEROH or Next Level.

LPI: What schools have you been in contact with recently and which schools have shown the most interest in you?

JB: I recently received an offer from Morgan State University and was really excited. I’ve been in contact with coach Farrier there a lot. I’ve also been in contact with coach Mike Perish at Indiana State.

LPI: Where have you visited most recently and do you have any visits coming up?

JB: I don’t have any specific dates set yet, but I plan on visiting Morgan State and Indiana State.

LPI: Where have you received offers from?

JB: Louisiana Tech and Morgan State.

LPI: Describe what it felt like getting your first offer.

JB: It was a euphoric feeling. I couldn’t really grasp it. As a child all football players are saying the same thing “I’m going to go D1, I’m going D1”, but for that to finally happen and become a reality it was just a dream come true. I’m having trouble putting that feeling into words. It also gave me motivation to go out and keep improving so I could obtain more D1 offers. I also thank God for everything he does for me as I couldn’t do it without him. It is also huge for my family who help me behind the scenes, getting me to games, practices, showcases, you name it. It just takes a huge burden off their back.

LPI: Your team finished finished last year at 6-3, but fell to a tough 8-1 Geneva team in the 1st round of the playoffs. What are your individual and team goals for the upcoming season?

JB: I don’t really have a set goal for myself because getting wins is whats most important. Making all conference and all state is always in the back of my mind, but getting those wins is more important to me. My team goals are to go undefeated in conference and go undefeated overall.

Ohh and another thing. We actually have not beat Oswego High School in our 12 seasons of football. It’s not just for us, but for the upperclassmen that have come before us, we really hope to beat Oswego High School for the first time in school history because we just want to make all our fans and all of our supporters proud.

LPI: What’s it like adding a stud such as Ivory Kelly-Martin this year?

JB: Ivory and I have a great relationship. He’s pretty quiet, but we got him to open up a bit after a while. We ran track over the offseason and built up that camaraderie so we can hit it once we get to the practice field. We brought back almost all over our skill position players, minus 1 receiver, so adding Ivory was huge for our team. We have multiple athletes with D1 offers on our offense so we can be very explosive this season. We like the challenge and hope to live up to it during the season.

LPI: What are your greatest strengths or why should a school offer you?

JB: Leadership. It sounds cliche, but I’m really not afraid to speak my mind and take control. It comes naturally for me to go to my teammates and pick them up. When were in conditioning I make sure my teammates are doing it right. I believe I embody leadership well. Physically I think my mobility is my greatest strength. All quarterbacks can throw, but having that ability to run puts a lot more pressure on the defense.

Lastly, I do a lot of study. Whatever film I can get my hands on, I’ll watch it. If I have a friend that played the team I’m playing the next weekend, you better believe I’m calling my friend so I can get some inside information on my next opponent.